Is the Label “Agnostic” Meaningful or Necessary? After All, No One “Knows” For Certain…

I should clarify that I don’t believe that a belief is formed by a decision. One doesn’t decide what they believe. They believe what they believe based on their interpretation of the available evidence. The belief can be changed by presenting new information. But I can’t “decide” to become a Christian before the day’s end. It won’t work.


I know Agnostic people are saying that they don’t know if there is a god or that no one can know there is a god and all of that. When I want to know someone’s position I want to know what they **believe**. Surely even if you don’t **know** if there is a god you **must** believe one way or the other, right?


  • Do you believe most apples are purple?
  • Do you believe there are invisible Smurfs in your microwave oven?
  • Do you believe that Earth and Mars are actually the same planet?
  • Do you believe the sky is frequently blue?
  • Do you believe there is a god?


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